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Optimising Modern Living
The VINEKO Story

VINEKO’s story began in 2007. We were born out of a passion to shape fulfilling lives through thoughtfully crafted outdoor furniture.

Emboldened by a spirit to constantly push ourselves to do better, we have evolved from small beginnings to the proud designers and creators of our own brand of outdoor furniture today.

Our ethos of continuous improvement serves as our impetus for the ever-evolving future.

Made with Quality, Loved by All

Vineko’s furniture is known for its quality, sensibility, and timeless beauty.

In all that we do, we infuse our in-depth engineering knowledge and skilled craftsmanship. We place a huge emphasis on precision, organisation and pay acute attention to detail, to ensure we deliver comfortable and stylish products that lasts. Quality is ensured in every step taken from designing, engineering, production and even customer experience, down to every detail.

We embrace a broad spectrum of ideas through in-house creations as well as collaborations with international designers from diverse backgrounds to shape an eclectic outdoor furniture collection that is loved by all.

Optimising Modern Living

We make life more fulfilling with every piece of furniture.

Whether they adorn a quiet retreat or accentuate nature in the living spaces, our outdoor furniture creates spaces for people to take time to reflect or make meaningful connections for a more wholesome life.

Our never-ending strides towards continuous improvement is anchored in our Chinese values that prize the constant pursuit to better oneself.

By always striving to improve, we continually seek to bring greater fulfilment to others.