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Chaimen Hui
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      Since the founding of Chaimen Catering in 2006, Chaimen-style delicacy has emerged as a representative of decent Sichuan cuisine for foodies in Chengdu. To bring Sichuan flavor into full play, Chaimen Catering established the Chaimen Hui Restaurant to bring together the international taste and the eastern traditions.

     The style of traditional Chinese courtyard, which is a complete reflection of eastern aesthetics, is embraced in the interior of the Chaimen Hui Restaurant. In the restaurant, the customers may enjoy the changing scenery as they make one more step forward while relishing the eastern culture and aesthetics.

     In every private dining room, a place is specially reserved for pre-prandial activities, where customers are free to have appetizers like tea, wine, and desserts and wait for the moment to savor the tasty dishes. There, VINEKO’s Bella collection armchairs and Brienz collection square stools integrate with the environment in their concise, elegant design and provide a comfortable experience to customers.